pitching sample - click

After changing pitch on a sample event its starts clicking when playback. it is random where the clicks appears.
As you can see on the picture I have cut a part out of the sample and then changed pitch on the other 2 events.
Its the only instance in Cubase that clicks occurs.

Does anyone else have this problem ?

Best, Dr Tolle

Nobody has any comments on this ?

whats your buffer set at and could you put your specs in your signature.

I have already testet my buffersize. It does not have to do with that.

My sound-interface is a Balance - propellerhead.
I run Windows 10

I will put it in my profile later.

Thanks for your reply.

Dr Tolle

Did you try with another algorithm?

Just tried it. they all click except for the ‘standard drum’.

I have a idea that it could be a driver problem for my balance sound interface as this driver is not supported for windows 10. The only weird thing is that everything else in Cubase works perfect.

Dr Tolle