Pitching Vocals

Hi there

Is it possible to pitch vocals properly with Cubasis and if yes, how?

Further questions:
I have issues with copying takes from different projects to the current ones - Is there a way to make it work? If I take them from other projects, they cannot be moved. It doesn’t show the recorded parts, but I can hear them.

Is it possible to move parts in a fine way or are we stuck to those set points?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Lerocque,

Cubasis supports real-time time-stretching to match audio files to the project tempo.
Alongside, real-time pitch-shifting including formant correction let’s you easily change the pitch of audio files.

Please have a look at our Cubasis 2.0 tutorial, where Sebastian explains how to use time-stretch and pitch-shift, to match audio to the song tempo and pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8TGKJU6qpw

To share audio files between projects:

  • Open the file in the audio editor via double tap
  • In the audio editor: Tap “Save to Media”

Audio files will be saved in the “My audio files” folder located in MediaBay/Audio.
Simply load them to any project via double tapping the desired file.