piu f collides with barline

Here’s the default placement of “piu f”:

I understand the reasoning: the forte is centered on the beat. But it’s not desirable. It also causes problems if it’s on the first note of a system, since the “piu” extends too far to the left.

I know I can manually erase the background, but I’d prefer not to need to do that. Could future consideration be given to “piu f” and other similar prefixed dynamic markings to avoid the barline collision? Or perhaps an option to automatically add masking for certain dynamic expressions?
piu f.png

I would move più so it follows the dynamic - f più. Much the same as is sometimes customary with subito - f sub. Elaine Gould discusses various placement options for the sub.–I’d apply them to più as well.

As would I, if the composer permitted. However, there’s no option for this in Engraving Options or Properties Panel, and the popover forces “piu f.” I can add a suffix manually, but the accent is a pain.

Take a look at Popchar, a handy little utility for entering those hard to find accents and music font symbols.

It’s easier to just type “piu f” and then (manually) left align it in properties than to try to add the accent separately as a suffix. But I agree with Dan that something as common as piu f should (eventually) automatically left align rather than center.

Well, the alignment that Dorico chooses is of course intentional, and this is why we provide a means of erasing the background behind the dynamic.