Pixel Humans (Dramatic Soundtrack)

Instruments : Piano (sample) , Strings (sample) , Drums (sample), synth
Time spent on project : 'bout 5 hrs.
Ideas on the mix would be appreciated.

Masoomi, nice to hear more from you. Definitely a sound track. What does Pixel Humans mean?

Hello Early21, thanks mate, well I pictured a minecraft style human, it just felt “cold”, no emotion no compassion … Computerized , robotic kind of human. Kind of like how people of the world are becoming, utterly indifferent to others suffering… for example about how all Yemeni people are starving to death and no one seems to protest or anything.
Sorry I rambled on, but I guess the name of the track can’t reflect a lot now can it? Not that I chose one that had a remote chance ; :smiley: