Pixelation of UI

Oddly some of the options on the right-hand side of the Write panel are somewhat pixelated compared to the titles of the options.

See photo. Note the words “Common Clefs” is razor-sharp, whereas the clefs below them have a pixelated appearance.

This is a high-end Mac with “retina” display so…any thoughts? Are the clefs actually bitmaps or are they vector-based icons? Will these be cleaned up in future releases?


Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 1.57.10 AM.jpg

It seems, Dorico uses a UI concept named ZUI (Zoomable User Interface), but uses a constant scale factor.
I am using a 24’’ FullHD monitor and almost everything is to big. I have the feeling of using my 720p notebook monitor.
Some buttons shouldn’t be smaller, but the menus, especially the drop-downs and context-menus scaled too big.

This is a known issue with rendering little snippets of scores into bitmaps that we think is caused by a bug in the Qt framework we’re using. It’s definitely on our list of things to fix!

Can you make it possible to set the UI size in the next update? These context menus fill almost the entire screen.

Could you post a screenshot of a drop-down or context menu you feel is too big?

I understand if someone takes a tiny snapshot and blows it up that it might look pixelated - I teach graphics software - but the pixelation is apparent to the naked eye at the normal resolution of the program. Not zoomed in, or blown up.

Note the words “Common Clefs” are not pixelated. Although a little blurry here, as the forum system blew up the size of the image on preview, they are not pixelated. That’s how I would expect all UI elements to look blown up.

Very far down the list of “must-fixes” I am sure, but an issue nevertheless. I am not certain Steinberg is aware of it as an issue aside from taking a screenshot and blowing it up. It’s an issue at naked-eye no-zoom 100% resolution level.



I think it’s a display-related issue, not a problem with the bitmaps themselves.

All the clefs look fine on my 1920x1080 monitor, running Windows. Your image seems to be pixelated into 2x2 blocks, compared with my display in Dorico.

OK, but it’s a 2-year old MacBook Pro, Retina display, and only parts of the UI do this. And only in Dorico. Explain that…I don’t see how that’s a “display-related issue” then. I’m glad it works on your computer, but a bug is a bug. Or an anomaly.


@ StefanF at Steinberg: Sorry, didn’t saw the Reply earlier.
Here are two screenshots, side by side (Notepad++ menu as comparison)

Is there a Workaround, maybe in some json files?
I’d prefere at some point a setting for this issue, or, if it is possible, to set the UI scaling automaticly by Windows scaling settings