pizz not exported in audio file with 1.2.10

Hello, since the 1.2.10 update, string instruments with “pizz” playing technique are not exported when exporting audio from a flow.
Is it a bug? It is problematic as I can’t get any pizz sounds and I am supposed to export a midi mockup.

well it sounds like I’m not getting any pizz sound at all, even in the playback

is there a way to download the previous version of Dorico? It was working fine before!!

well, I just submitted a midi mockup with half of the music missing; this sucks. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.

it would be great to be able to download older versions of Dorico


Does this link help?

Set pizz with pizz. and remove it with arco (as of 1.2.10).

What happens when you use nat, which resets all that string instrument’s articulations?


are you using the Halion/HSO sounds or a different library?

Can you attach the project that has non-functioning pizz./arco markings here so I can take a look, Florent? If you can’t attach it here, email it to me (with a link to this thread) at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I will happily take a look for you.

thanks for your answers, and sorry for my multiple posts…

@Mark Sealy, the issue you’re mentioning was supposed to be fixed in the 1.2.10 update
@fratveno, yes I’m using the default Halion sounds

@Daniel, thanks so much! Surprisingly, this forum doesn’t accept dorico files!!
I’m sending it to you via email. It’s a project that was created with the previous version of Dorico and that used to work fine. Since the update, half of the notes, especially pizz and string notes, are not played back/exported.

@Florent, this forum doesn’t accept Dorico files but I’d does accept Zip files. Either zip up your project before attaching, or if you want to confuse people just change the extension to .zip