Pizzcato playback doesn’t work in Dorico for iPad

Hi, I’m using the latest version of Dorico for iPad, and soon I discovered a problem which the pizzcato technique on my violin doesn’t work at all in playback. Please look at the video in the attachment and tell me if I’m wrong with anything.

I know the HALion soundset included with Dorico Elements on the desktop does not include a string combi soundset that includes pizzicato and suspect that may also be true of the native sounds available to Dorico for iPad.

Perhaps someone with more experience with Dorico for iPad can verify this.

According to Daniel in this thread (read to the end), pizzicato is supported by Iconica Sketch, which requires a subscription on iPad.

What model iPad do you have? It has to have sufficient RAM to run Iconica.

Finally I solve this by redownload Iconica Sketch in general settings, and choose Iconica Sketch as each instrument’s expression map in playback page, and then all pizzicato sound are handled automatically, thanks a lot.

This is expected behaviour. Every VST requires an appropriate expression map (for each instrument) to trigger correct playback. Applying a suitable Playback Template to your project will usually configure all this automatically.