Pizzicato keyswitch not working in Symphonic Orchestra


I’m having trouble playing pizzicatos with Halion Symphonic Orchestra (16 bit edition).
According to the manual, the keyswitch for pizzicato is C#0. However, that key doesn’t do anything in all string combi programs I have tried (for example “Vln I Combi Vel KS_16”).
The other articulations (like trill) are working like they should. They are also working using VST Expression Maps, but there’s been no way to get a pizzicato without using the only-pizzicato-program for me so far.
I’d be happy if you could tell me what I might be doing wrong or how I can play pizzicatos in the combi programs.


I’ve gone through the orignal HSO 16bit manual and found on page 44…
“C#0 25 Pizzacato Double basses only kr” under the “Combi programs” descriptions.

I cannot find a Violin Combi with Pizzicato as a key switch.
Those voicings are separate probably because there is no bowing involved.

I’d grab the “Vln pizz tight Vel_16” or “Vln pizz loose Vel_16” program for your pizzicato needs.

Thank you! The fact that pizzicato is in the expression maps seems to be a mistake then.

Yes that’s what I did, I just thought there was a better solution. But apparently there isn’t.