Pizzicato not working in playback + playback templates changes every project

Hello there Doricocommunity,

I’m still writing a Quintett and there is a part where the strings play (or should play) pizzicato. It doesn’t work tho.
I also opened a new project, added a violin, a few notes and pizzicato. It didn’t work too.
I searched on the forum and found some stuff about the expression maps and that it could be because of that. Because i never worked with this, I have no idea how to fix it.
Also, I had a month ago the problem, that when i opened strings that they played the wrong instrument (like synths instead of violins) and that a very deep bass note always plays. (so no matter what note i typed it, on top of that note it plays the lowest note).
That problem was fixed with the playpback templates (it was on HSSE + HSO not on HSSE).
but everytime I open a new project I have to fix that again.

Thanks very much for your answers already!


Check Preferences–Play. There is an option to set your default playback template. Is that set to HSSE?

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Yeah that fixed the second problem. Thank you very much! <3

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Unfortunately HSSE does not include pizzicato. :neutral_face:

Elements allows you to use other 3rd-party libraries, if you have another one that includes pizz.

I strongly suggest NotePerformer! Great value, great sound quality with Dorico.

Oh… well that explains a lot xD.

The thing is: I bought the educational Version and then i found out that you cannot sell your scores with it. So I want to update it to the normal version, but the support said to me, thats only possible when a new version comes out.
So i wait now.
But thanks so much for the quik and helpful answers!

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@MaxKoehler, are you talking about the education version of Dorico Elements? You can upgrade from Dorico Elements to Dorico Pro if you wish, though obviously that costs a fair amount of money; however, that would get you a full license right away rather than waiting for the next major version of Dorico (which is a long way off).

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Hi @dspreadbury,
No i bought the educational version of Dorico Pro 3.5.
And i know it would cost a fair amount of money, but I will use this for some years now, cause i want to live from my compositions, so i will spend the money anyway.

Ah, I see. Then yes, for now, you’ll have to stick with the educational license. (I suspect that in practice nobody will try to enforce that restriction in the license agreement anyway, but you didn’t hear that from me.)

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yeah, but wouldn’t then the pizzicato work? like it is the pro version and then the Pizz should work, shouldn’t it?

Are you saying your Dorico Pro 3.5 opens with the HSSE and not the HSSE+HSO by default? That would be unusual.

Anyway, it’s as easy as changing the preferences>Play>Default playback template>HSSE+HSO

No it opened with HSSE + Pro by default, but that didnt work. instead of playing the normal violin and normal sounds it plays synthesizer sounds + the lowest note possible all the time.

It sounds very much as if you don’t have all of the required sounds installed. If you run Steinberg Library Manager (which is a separate application), do you see HALion Symphonic Orchestra among the libraries installed in there?

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No, only Halion Sonic SE stuff… do i have to download the Symphonic Orchestra in the download manager?

Yes, that comes with your pro license, and should offer some improvement (to this specific project, most obviously).

Okay okay okay.
In the download manager are 4 downloadable files. Applictaion installer, sounds installer, update and version history. i guess its the sounds installer, right?

That’s exactly right.

IT WORKED! thank you so much! i thought i had it downloaded, but i think that last time during that 2 hour download something happened so it stopped.
Im honestly shocked in a positive way. I made this topic yesterday and its already solved.
Huge thanks <3 !