There’s no automatic support for switching to pizzicato at the present time. It’s non-trivial because the playback sounds with the iPad version are very basic, and the Microsonic engine cannot handle instruments with multiple techniques via things like keyswitching, etc. So the way it would have to work would be that Dorico would need to maintain at least two instances of Microsonic for each string instrument, one for the bowed sound and another for the plucked sound, but somehow keep all of the Mixer settings (such as pan, volume, insert effects etc.) in sync, and then dynamically switch between them.

That would be a lot of effort for some not particularly satisfactory pizzicato sounds, so we may well choose to defer this until we have a more capable built-in playback engine, which we hope will be built upon the core HALion technology that is also used by Dorico on the desktop. However, we don’t have a timescale for when such an advanced HALion-based sampler might be available.