Pizzicatto not playing back

A friend and I have an identical issue in that pizz playing techniques do not result in any change in playback at all, notes are played back arco. We both got Dorico Elements in the last couple of months, and have since upgraded to Pro, but nothing’s changed (not that this is the reason I paid to upgrade to Pro mind you!).

Seems very simple and I was surprised not to find any trace online of others having this issue. I don’t think it’s the same as the “not playing back when applied on beat 1 of the bar” issue I’ve read about elsewhere. I’ve tried applying the playing technique at many points in a measure and none of them have any effect. I’ve also tried combinations of arco and nat to “reset” the playing technique, and tested the issue in an otherwise blank project.

Upgraded to Dorico Pro today as it happens, so running Pro 3.5.10 I believe.

  1. What sample library are you using?
  2. In play mode, does the PT track indicate pizz.?

Welcome to the forum, Samuel. If the project you’re using started life in Dorico Elements, then it will still be using the ‘HSSE (Elements)’ playback configuration. Go to Play > Playback Templates and set ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ for that project, and you should find that pizzicato then plays back as expected thereafter.

  1. I don’t know about the sample library, seeing if I can work that out just now!
  2. Just checked; in Play in the PT track pizz doesn’t show up, natural is there the whole time.

I tried this, and noticed that pizzicato now shows up in the Play PT track, however I can’t actually hear anything… Voice, guitar, upright bass, piano and drums are fine but flute, bass clarinet and most notably cello are silent.

A secondary note, despite having updated to Pro, it looks like Elements is still my default playback template, as I just now made a test file and I still had to manually change the template to Pro.

Ah, did you actually install the Dorico Pro Content installer when you upgraded to Pro? If not, you need to do that; it’s a 9GB installer, which you can grab here.

Brilliant, sorted. Thank you very much! Admittedly wasn’t sure what to do about updating everything else when I upgraded, I simply put my new Key thingie to “unlock” Pro. Anything else I might have missed?

Lastly, am I right in concluding that pizzicatto doesn’t play back in Elements then? Given that it didn’t show up as a playing technique in the Play PT track it seems like it’s not an available playing technique at all in some sense. Not an issue for me now I’ve upgraded, but it seems a surprising absence, and in the googling I did while encountering the issue it didn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere!

No, there’s nothing else you’re likely to have missed, fortunately

Pizzicato can be played back in Elements, but only if the sound library that you’re using includes a pizzicato playing technique and an appropriate expression map. The HSSE factory library included with Elements doesn’t include any keyswitched instruments with multiple playing techniques, and although there’s a GM-style plucked strings sound, there’s no built-in way of switching to it using the default playback template.