Place imported markers

I’m working on implementing voice over into a game so I was wondering is it possible to do this in Nuendo or Cubase.

I need every line to have specific ID that’s predetermined in CSV file. I also have multiple long audio files of voice recording.

My current workflow is to create cycle marker for every line of dialogue in Nuendo while looking into CSV (MS Excel) - export CSV - check consistency - match added markers with IDs - import CSV markers - export audio from cycle markers - DONE

I want to be able to follow the script/dialogue from markers window in Cubase/Nuendo.

My new workflow should be:

  1. Import CSV cycle markers with ID/Text/Timecode (all timecode set to 00:00:00:00)
  2. Range select
  3. Press hotkey that selects next (imported) cycle marker and moves that marker to range select area

Hope you understand my idea.

Thanks for your help in advance!