Place markers relative to clip start (not global timeline)?

I´m pretty new to Wavelab and was wondering if there is a way to place the cursor or markers or fades at a certain time relative to the clip beginning. Sometimes I master something and for instance a fade out has to be set. I get directions for the starting point of the fade relative to the start of the track, which is obviously the only way the customer can specify this. The customer would state something like: “Fade starts at 3:36 in Track Soandso”. In order to find 3:36 in any given track/clip I have to add that number to the beginning of this track/clip within Wavelabs global timeline, which is a bit annoying, since it´s counterintuitive and mistakes get made easily. Also, if I happen to move the clips later and the fade has to be changed again, I have to do it all over again.
Is there a way to tell wavelab to place a marker or the cursor or the beginning of a fade at 3:36 WITHIN A CLIP?
I know, it´s not a big deal to do the math, but since I usually get a lot of such directions concerning start and end points, fades and pauses of and between tracks/clips, it would save a lot of time translating that stuff.
The “Clips” window solves at least the problem with the pauses between clips with the Pre-Gap function. It would be nice to be able to do something similar with fades and markers.
Thanks in advance!

I don’t quite understand all the details of your request, when when working with a WaveLab montage, the fades are done on the clip envelopes so if you move clips around, the fades stay the same. If you bind markers to one of the three options (start of clip, end of clip, audio samples of clip), the markers move with the clip. Ripple edit mode makes all the following clips move too so they stay relatively the same.

When you move markers or adjust fades on the envelopes, usually some info pops up related to the timing/offset etc. of the marker or fade adjustments.

For the timing and math, have you tried changing some of the options in the Timecode window? You can choose from total time, clip start time, CD Track Start time etc.

I find clip start time and CD Track Start time useful options when doing things you mention here like starting fade at X time and fade ends at X time.

There are 3 options to achieve what you would like:


This means, yes you can text-edit a marker (Marker List) to "place it eg. “3:36 within a clip”.

Ah yes, I forgot about Clip Ruler Time, one of the best smaller features of WaveLab.