placement of arpeggio lines

For guitar notation, it would be great to be able to decide if fingerings should be left of arpeggio lines instead of between the arp. line and the note heads. As the arpeggio line is a musical instruction and the fingerings is a bit of technical advice, I usually prefer to have arpeggio lines near the note heads and the fingerings to the left of the line. Anyway, both notations are seen in the literature.

Also, notice that the barre indication - which I have defined as a “Playing Technique” by default is placed inside the fermata. At least for this kind of playing technique, I believe it should be above the fermata. But the circle for harmonics - which also is a “Playing Technique” is placed correctly inside the fermata. It could suggest that at some time Barre indications should be defined as part of “Fingerings” rather than “Playing Techniques” (which also would make it possible to hide the barre indications together with other fingerings in the Layout Options.

Thanks for the feedback on arpeggio lines. I’ll make a note of this, though I can’t say when this will be possible. Similarly for the relative placement of playing techniques and holds/pauses.

In piano music, I don’t think I’ve ever seen fingering placed between the arpeggio sign and the notes. Engravers will even put the fingering on the right side of the notes if necessary: