Placement of custom playing techniques?

I added a custom item to “Playing techniques” (“senza Ped.” as “Type => Glyph” [combined text & glyph]). When I assign it to an item in the score it is automatically center-placed. How can I change that to place it-left aligned?

Glyph playing techniques are always center-aligned, text playing techniques are left-aligned.

You can either move the playing technique in Engrave mode, or add this as a text item, and use the Insert Music Symbol dialog to add the Ped glyph.

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Thank you very much, @Lillie_Harris !

So there is no way of placing technique signs automatically? What if I had to write Schönberg’s “Pierrot Lunaire”? Would I have to position all x-signs manually in Engrave Mode?

When you say “x signs” do you mean sprechgesang markings on the note stems? If so, the way I would suggest you approach this for the time being, in the absence of a dedicated feature for arbitrary stem decorations, would be to replace e.g. the “z on stem” buzz roll tremolo symbol in Library > Music Symbols (assuming you don’t need this symbol in your project as well).

Thanks for the work around! BTW: I noticed that these postings are a year or more old. Is there any update for Dorico 5 regarding sprechgesang and sprechstimme? Here is what Gould mentions, for notation, and I would love to see this feature for vocal lines, thanks!
Gould speech and singing notation.pdf (601.2 KB)

All updated (and new) items are documented in the Dorico 5 Version History. If it’s not mentioned, there is no change.