Placement of figured bass

Is there a way to globally set the placement of figured bass? By default, it appears under the bass clef of a keyboard staff. My client would like to see it between the two staves. I’m sure this must be easy, but I only seem to be able to do it locally in the Properties panel.

There should be an option for their default placement in Layout Options, which you can set on a per-layout basis.

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Thanks Lillie. I’m doing this project in 3.5.12 because I had started it there before I got my 4.1 upgrade straightened out (thanks to help from Daniel) and the setting you describe appears to be an addition for 4.1. Good to know it’s there for future work.

No it should also be there in 3.5.

Sorry, my mistake. There is a lot of space allotted for the players list and my project only has two players (keyboard and soprano) and I wasn’t careful about scrolling to the bottom of the mostly empty instrument list to see the ‘Default Placement’ choice. (Not an excuse, just an explanation for my silly oversight.)