Placement of markings in piano cross-staff

I’m having problems attaching certain type of markings (trills, dynamics) to notes in the lower stave of a passage where crossed staff is used. The original line was input on the upper stave and certain notes moved to the lower stave with ‘M’. It is these notes where the markings appear above the upper stave. Other markings such as staccato, tenuto etc do attach correctly.
Any help much appreciated!

The trick is basically always to use the caret. Invoke it, put it on the correct stave using the arrow keys, then use the popovers (or the right panel if you’re that way inclined).

Particularly for gradual dynamics, it sometimes confuses people that the dynamic won’t appear until you’ve given it duration. Do take a look at Inputting dynamics with the popover, particularly steps 6 and 7.

Thanks for your help and for pointing out the link to the documentation.