Placement of note head with Petaluma

Can you help me here? I use Petaluma in my bigband projects. Some of the musician have complaints about how the note head of a half note is placed especially above the sytem on ledger lines like this:
Skærmbillede 2024-05-28 kl. 17.18.20
It’s a little bit too low, isn’t it?

I also have the problem with chord symbols like this:
Skærmbillede 2024-05-28 kl. 17.19.47

The distance between the A and the line is to big in my opinion.
Can it be changed? Or can someone recommend another jazz hand written font that maybe would work?
Regards Musicmind

Like Bravura, the noteheads in Petaluma are a little oversized by default. You might find that going to Library > Notehead Sets and editing the Default noteheads set provides you with an appearance you prefer. Select the third notehead in the grid, and click the pencil icon to edit it. Try changing its scale factor (for both X and Y, as they can’t be set independently) to a smaller number.

As for the gap between the root and the altered bass slash, or the slash and the altered root note, unfortunately there’s no good way to do this globally at the moment. It’s something that we know needs to be more configurable, and we plan to provide more functionality in this area in future versions.

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Hi Daniel
Thanks a lot for your reply. I raised the Q on the FB group and it’s has been going on and on! Sadly more focused on different agendas than on my question, but never the less I will look forward to this little - I believe - edit in the Petaluma and of course also in the problem with the slash.

Hi Daniel

I have now edited the Default Notehead of Petaluma (1/4, half and full) to 90% and it looks slimmer of course and maybe that will work.

But I struggle a bit with all the others - slashes and crosses, I can find them in the table but altering them here is not reflected in ex. a drum part.
Do I find them the same place? Can you point me in the right direction?

Venlig Hilsen/Best Regards

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