Placement of Systemtext / Systemobjects?

How can I display system text or system objects over other instruments or instrument groups? In my example (see attached image), it is not possible to display the system text above e.g. the dulcimer or the zither, or - more importantly - above the rythm group (= guitar and double bass).
Is there something in Dorico that I have still not seen or is this currently not possible in Dorico? Using “instrument groups” doesn’t change anything.

Additional question: is planned to implement “a prevention of collision” for “systemtext” with other musical objects (e.g. rehearsal marks, tempo …) as it is already implemented for systemobjects?

I may be misunderstanding you, in which case my apologies, but I believe the options you’re looking for are under ‘System Objects’ on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.

Thank you very much for quick response and sorry, Daniel, I think my first try of explanation is not done clearly/well.

What you wrote, is exactly what I did. In the picture of my first post in this topic you see, that all checkboxes are activated with the result you see in the scoore left of the Layout Options menu in this picture (systemtext.jpg)

Another way to ask my question could be: what checkbox do I have to activate to get automatically systemtext/systemobjects shown in fullscores or scores with more staves above instruments/players like e.g. dulcimer, zither, guitar, double bass … ?

Or (referring to the first line of “System Objects” on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options): Which instrument family are e.g. dulcimer, zither, guitar, double bass and therefore: which (missing?) checkbox do I have to activate to get my result?

I’ll try to give you another example to show you my problem:
When I enter a “systemtext” object, it is of course shown in all parts!
But in parts with more staves/instruments or in the full score
(see attached files


I’d like to show systemtext in special instruments / instrument groups. In my example with a voice and the guitar it’s the score of a guitar with additional smallsized information of the voice score. The systemtext is shown above the voice stave ((unfortunatly) as small as the voice stave is reduced). Now I’d like to see the systemtext in all layouts additional e.g. above the guitare stave. In my opinion (as I stated at the beginning), it’s with the existant parameters in the Layout options not possible to place the system objects/system text e.g. there.

By the way: congratulation to version 1.1 - it’s really amazing and great! Although missing some features there is no way back to Sibelius!!

Sorry, I didn’t read your first message closely enough – one of the perils of replying to forum messages late at night after a busy day.

In theory you should find that system objects like system text, tempo items, and so on appear above guitar and zither staves when you choose ‘Fretted instruments’, and of course for a double bass you should check ‘Strings’.

If these aren’t working as expected for you, it would be helpful to get a look at your project: if you don’t want to attach it here, please email it to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de with a link to this forum thread in the email so I can remember what I’m supposed to be looking at.

I need to repeat system objects a few times within the brass family as in this original Finale file (screenshot attached) Is this not possible yet?

No, I’m afraid not: at the moment, Dorico will only show them above the first bracket for a given family.

I wound up taking a screen shot of each rehearsal mark and pasting them into image frames as a workaround.

Has the issue of Amadeus14 been solved?
I encounter the same problem and do not know how to solve it.

No, at the moment it is still the case that system objects will only appear above the first bracket for a given family.

For solo concertos I assumed it as to be common to have system objects also appearing above the solo instrument in the score.

Since this seems not (yet) to be possible in Dorico, does anyone have a suitable workaround? To paste screenshots into image frames as mentioned by Ed Hirschman is a rather unsatisfactory solution.

An advise on the German Dorico Facebook user group was to display system objects above the string section and to adjust their position in the properties panel in engrave mode in order to have them appear above the solo instrument. In addition further adjustments for the spacing between staves would be necessary.

Any other proposals? Thanks in advance!

Until we have proper support for designating a player as a soloist, I don’t think a more elegant solution is possible, I’m afraid.

Any update on allowing multiple appearances of system objects within a family? Struggling with this again today.

No, there’s no new functionality in this area at present.