Placing accents inside/outside slurs

I find the default placing of accents rather ugly in the attached example. Both the force articulations (accents) and the duration articulations (tenutos) should be inside the slurs in cases like this. Can I make them behave, defaultly?

Dear Rune,
Have you tried changing the Engraving options>Articulations ? It might be what you’re looking for (though not really sure). I think the one in the picture is the default choice, maybe the other could solve your issue.

Hope this helps!
Capture d’écran 2019-12-31 à 13.27.24.png

Thank you so much, Marc.
It did solve this specific case.

I think, though, that this should be changeable from instance to instance. (Just like the choice placement on notehead/stem side is already.) From Bartòk hence, this is no longer only a matter of esthetics, but might often imply important musical differentiations.

Mes meilleurs vœux pour l’année à venir !