Placing caret before dotted note

Something is occurring that I do not recall happening before.

Normally when I want to place the caret to enter or change notes, I can double-click where I want to start.

I am finding that when I do this in some recent pieces, especially in 12/8 time or around a dotted note, the caret skips to before the following note rather than where I want it. Am I misremembering what happened in the past, or am I doing something wrong (an incorrect option chosen without realizing it)?

I realize there are other ways to place the caret, single clicking the measure location and then pressing Enter, for example; it is just that old habits are hard to break.

Grateful for any help on this.

The rhythmic grid defines snap positions. Do you have it set to too low a resolution?

No. Regardless of settings (I usually have it set to eighth-notes) the caret jumps from where I double-click on the staff. It is truly a mystery.

If this problem is persisting across multiple sessions of use but appears to be confined to a particular project, perhaps you could attach it here so we can take a look?

My recollection is that it applies to multiple projects, mostly dealing in compound time sigs like 12/8. They may also stem from the same custom “template.”
LadyOrTigerTemplateRevised210317.dorico (484.3 KB)

I have tried this on some other files with mixed results and wonder if, perhaps in tight situations, I am clicking too much on the note rather than in the sliver to the left of it.