Placing Playing Techniques under Slurs


I am making a score for organ, and there is a pedal passage that requires me to note the pedaling (toe or heel and Left Foot or Right Foot). I have been able to configure the size of the markings I wish to use and have placed them, but when I place a slur to mark the phrase, the playing techniques move outside of the slur. How do I keep them close to the notes or beams and inside (under) the slur? I have sought the answer in this forum and by googling it and can’t seem to find a good solution.


This specific interaction is yet to be refined by the team — maybe one day. For now, the quickest way to fix this is probably disabling the slur’s automatic curvature — in its Properties in Engrave mode. This will stop the slur from interacting with the objects in proximity and use its natural curvature instead, which might mean you’ll have to adjust it manually, depending on context, but it also means that it’ll be disregarded by the general placing algorithm. This will make the playing techniques snap to their natural positions.

That helped me to find a solution. Thanks!