placing track ID on frame for no click

What is the best way to make sure my track IDs are landing on frames? From what I understand, placing the maker right on a frame is best to avoid pops and clicks when you have two songs that overlap. I’ve done countless masters with songs that overlap etc. However, the master I’m working on now…when I load the DDP into the Sonoris DDP Player and skip right to the song that overlaps with the song prior, I get a click or pop when skipping to that song. Playing through the transition sounds great and seamless as expected.

Is this pop due to the buffer setting and/or sound card properties or is the pop actually embedded in the DDP. When skip right to the track ID in the montage, or after importing the DDP back into WL7, I don’t hear a pop but the DDP Player definitely produces a loud pop at that ID where songs overlap.

I just wanted to get some thoughts and solutions about this possible issue. I don’t see a way for WL7 to display frames or framerate, but I was thinking that maybe the timecode option is what I want to set the ruler to in order to have the track ID land right on the frame.

Maybe there are more ways, but in the CD Wizard dialog, you can define where CD markers are placed with regard to CD frames (don’t remember the exact wording for the option). Maybe you can experiment with that. On the other hand, maybe the problem is in your player / play software…

Ok, I see the option to quantize CD markers to the nearest CD frame. It just happens that I always leave that engaged anyway, but what I’m wondering is if I slide that marker around if it’s still snapping to frame or how I can tell that the marker is for sure on a CD frame.


In the Time Ruler > Time format…
first tab Timecode Frames per seconds
use 75 (CD Resolution) click OK

zoom in very narrow and check with CD markers
it should quantize to nearest CD frame
if “Quantize to nearest CD frame” is ticked in the CD Wizard dialog

and also possible to check and change in CD or in Markers “Peripheral windows”

regards S-EH

I don’t think this marker quantization is the problem, because WaveLab has to do it anyway before burning, as the CD only knows CD frames, which are quantized position. IOW, WaveLab send CD frame positions to the CD drive, hence these are quantized positions, from the sample ruler point of view.