Plan a clear GUI!!!

Plan a clear GUI!!!

The GUI in C10 is clear. More clear than other daws.


Paler, less dark. Less cave, no more sun.


But I love a dark GUI, C10 is a good one.

Like this, maybe?

Well, I prefer a brighter GUI as well, coming from older versions of Nuendo/ Cubase… I like the new dark GUI a lot but it is no problem to brighten it up in the program prefs - for example I prefer a brighter (oldschool) project background, same for the editors. So far it was no problem to customize that!

Just play around a bit! It is easy to f*ck it up but you can recall a factory setting at any time.

Just adjust your color settings. Pretty simple

Please no!!
The dark one is just perfect!!!

That’s good enough, yes.

Message to everyone who likes the dark interface:

We do not want to take it away! We only want to add a clear option for the rest of humanity.

The world is diverse. Even the moon has two faces. :wink:

The image above is just one of my current saved color theme presets in Cubase 10. I suppose if you do not use Cubase currently you can’t know what’s available.

Huh? I use Cubase since version 8. I only say that it’s quite good, this configuration, in the context of restricting choices and despite the bad GUI of Cubase 10.

You said you’re using Reaper, and that your 24 hour license for C10 ran out, I’m saying you can’t troubleshoot or find viable workarounds if you don’t have access to the program– not that you don’t know Cubase.