Planet of dreams [synth opera?]

Planet of dreams, track 9 of ’ look at the world’ finnished!

With every project I always make room for one song out of the ordinary.
No clear direction, chorusses or whatever, just start building melodies, harmonies and beats. Along the way see where it all ends.
Because the song is about dreams there should not be too much consistency was my innitial thought.

It’s a long piece and the vocals are only near the end. This type of music is what I like to create the most.
It really feels like painting, there are tons of edits, levelrides, panning sweeps, spot FX.

Planet of dreams is build up with the Korg legacy analogue edition VST. And samples through GA.
Used Cubase plugins and UAD’s precision limiter, pultec, realverb Pro, cambridge EQ and 1176se Plugins.
Also angular momentum’s Kicklab XXL for kickdrum and Tones2 filterbank 3 for Special FX (filtersweeps etc)

Vocals are recorded with Rode NTK through a Mackie onyx400f interface.

As always, if you got ideas to improve this mix let me know, and any comment is well apriciated.

Greetz Dylan.

Very good! a bit of old school and new, too. Your mixes are spot on, too, IMO

I listened through twice, it’s a good one, and well mixed as far as I can judge.

Sounds good Dylan. It’s good to just record what comes to mind. As you say, like painting. Start with a blank canvas and see what emerges :sunglasses:


thats some cool lecktronika, lots in there to grab onto. would make a great video soundtrack

Man, how I want to find some sort of videowizzard that can come up with cool animated visuals for my music.
Animated fractals that follow the beat and music in colours and movement…Would be awesome…We all have dreams :slight_smile:
I looked into it myself, but you have to learn sooooo much to even get a simple videothingy going on…

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks for the replies.

Song is also a testcase for my next project, still having the idea of a real synth opera in mind.
Like an hour long of soundscapes and some some songs, all woven into one story.

A bit inspired by aryeon but then with only synths…Don’t know if any of you guys know him.
A dutch rocker who makes these awesome rock opera’s. guitars, hammonds and analogue synths and lot’s of vocals.

Greetz Dylan.

you’d be perfect for this vid software, you can play it live or use midi. there are cheaper versions of it, a demo came with my ableton live software. simply put any kind of vids on different keys on your controller keyboard and play away. its really cool and it comes with all kinds of moving fractals and all that stuff…