Planning for the upgrade to C6

So I have C4.52 now, 32-bit on W7-64 bit. I ordered my C6 upgrade before the price went up, and am starting to plan on the upgrade process. Over the years, I’ve downloaded many VSTs (both instruments and effects), 99% of which I don’t use. The great thing is that I also ordered Komplete 8, which has 95% of the stuff that I need in it.

What I’m thinking is deleting all of the VSTs that I’ve downloaded when I upgrade, install only the one I use now, and perhaps install a few others. If I’m careful, I can go completely 64-bit and not use JBridge at all.

The VSTs that I’m using now are:

Celemony Melodyne
BlueCat Frequency Analyst
BlueCat Triple EQ
BlueCat PeakMeter Pro (to set levels on the master bus for K-14 compliance and occasionally automating it if the variance in RMS volumes is too great)
Plus a number of Native Instrument stuff (most notably, Kontakt 3, 4 [player], and 5 [player]; Battery; and Kore Player, even though that’s been discontinued)
VB3, but NI’s Vintage Organs (part of Komplete) will replace this.

If you were doing this, which (cheap) VSTs would you also download and install? If possible, restrict your answers to 64-bit plugins only. For example, DDMF LP10 seems to be an awesome EQ and is only $30 too. Are there other “must-haves” that you would recommend?

I just realized that Jamstix 3 Studio (basically a bundle of every drum product they make) was reduced from $249 to $159. Even though I don’t really need the sample libraries, the drummer AIs (33) and music styles (141) make this worth it. Plus, it includes Jamcussion, which is their percussionist expansion.

I may have to get this before the AKG D112. :open_mouth:

I like Jamstix alot also. I just wish they would get the 64 bit finished. Ralph says it should be coming soon.

I did the same upgrade you are going to do. I also use NI Komplete (v7). I didn’t worry too much about 64-bit or 32-bit; the few I had that were 32-bit worked fine with Steinberg’s own VSTBridge which runs automatically. BlueCat Frequency Analyst is one of them; I don’t use the other ones.

Hi Early,
The Blue Cat Freq Analyst (great free plug-in!) is available in 64 bit.

Ah, that must be the one I picked up then. I’m pretty sure I’m running some 32-bit plugins, though… at least Magneto must be 32-bit.

Ooooh…good question. I use Magneto heavily. Is there a good, low-cost ($50 or less) alternative that’s available in 64-bit that I can use in its stead under C6?

Well again, I think you can just use Magneto in its 32-bit form, no other adjustments required. That’s what I am doing, under 64-bit windows, with no issues.

I already figured that based on the mention of VSTBridge. I’m simply trying to find a native 64-bit plug-in.

Komplete arrived today. It’s tough staring at the box since I can’t/won’t install it until C6 arrives.

C6 has been installed and the e-license upgraded. Installing Komplete now. :open_mouth:

Komplete should only take a few days to install!


Actually, my computer is relatively recent; has scads of disk space; and 8G of 1666 RAM so it’s not too bad. I haven’t been sitting at the desk waiting for each DVD to finish installing, and I only have 2 more to go.

Then I get the enjoyable task of getting Cubase to 6.0.5, updating all of the Komplete components to their latest rev levels, then finding the installers for the products that I bought in the past so that I can install the 64-bit versions. (I was using Cubase 4.5.2 32-bit before.)

Of course, I was just teasing Larry. I bought Komplete 6 a while back and it took quite a while. It only has the six major products. It has Kontakt 4 and I understand that Kontakt 5 has a much more compressed sample library using much less space. Sounds like you do have quite a bit to do though. You will have enough new toys to keep you busy for a long time after all the installations are finished too.

I think we all better head over to Larry’s place… beer and pizza in hand. :laughing:

Heh @ both of you.

Ok so I’ve installed C6, K8, updated to C6.05, and updated the various K8 products via the Activation Center. Then I fired up Cubase…

…apparently, it found my old Melodyne plug-in. I haven’t yet installed the 64-bit version of Melodyne, so I’m assuming that it found the previous installation. I’m rather surprised because C4.52 (32-bit) was installed in Program Files (x86) while the 64-bit version was installed in Program Files.

Worse, I can’t (quickly) find the place where I can check to see what the plugins directory is that C6 is using during its initialization process. Any thoughts?

I haven’t yet installed the BlueCat plugins nor taken C6 through a quick-n-dirty record / playback / export test. But I did notice that, in the Device Setup window, my ASIO driver (M-Audio [2496]) won’t let me enable any of the ports. And the Control Panel button does nothing, so I’m assuming my driver needs to be updated.

I think the inability to make sound card driver changes within Cubase is normal for the 64 bit version. I use an M-Audio Fast Track Pro and after going to 64 bit, am only able to make changes to inputs, outputs, buffer size, in the M-Audio control Panel OUTSIDE of Cubase. A little annoying but I read (in a post here) that it has something to do with the way they implement the 64 bit driver code.

It turns out that, on the Device Setup screen the input / output ports screen is read-only. Once you associate them with one or more busses, they show up as being active on that read-only screen.

I purchased the 6 upgrade when first released.

I’m planning to install it … someday. Maybe when Version 7 comes out? :wink:

So I take it you also need Transparent Events, like me :laughing:

Here’s the free one I use: