platinum drums in cubase

I seem to remember, back when I used Wizoo’s Platinum Drums through Halion 2 in Cubase VST 5, there was a way to get the close, middle distance and room mice for each drum on different tracks in the inspector using the multi out feature.

Now that I am using Cubase 8 pro and Halion 5, I can’t figure out how to accomplish that. I can load drum banks into Halion 5 and bring it up in Cubase pro 8, but I can’t see any way to get those three mic distances on separate tracks.

Sadly, I can’t even go back to Cubase VST to see how I did it there (if that would even help) because I am using Windows 10.

I have looked through the manuals for Cubase pro 8 and Halion 5, but can’t find anything.

Can anyone help me on this?