PLAY 3.0.37 May Have Fixed Hanging Notes Issue!!

Hey all!

A new PLAY software update is available for download at the SoundsOnline site:

So far I haven’t experienced hanging notes with this update, but I wanted to hear if this is also the case for others. Please grab it and let me know how it goes for you. Hopefully, this is the last of this bug.


I think this is the 3rd attempt to resolve this issue…
So let’s try it…

Did it solve it for you Sonik?

Still no hanging notes here. Anyone else?

I barely noticed this issue before and only had it occur when I was building and testing expression maps, but it hasn’t happened since the update. They seem to have solved the problem.

Good to hear, Plasuma. Thanks for reporting back :slight_smile:.

tnx for heads up for the update, downloading it right now, havent noticed much of a hangin notes, maybe few updates back.

A shameless bump in case anyone missed this :slight_smile:.

This last update has fixed the occasional hanging note issue for me as well. Finally!

The issue seems fixed finally here as well!