PLAY 4.2.35 is now available for download

PLAY 4.2.35 is now available for download from here

PLAY Software Update 4.2.35 contains all improvements from previous maintenance releases as well as the following fixes and improvements -

• Fixed various issues that caused some instruments to not load
• Improved load time

With 4.2.25 I had an issue. No instruments were loaded in a Cubase project, all player settings had gone.
Now, with 4.2.35, the Symphonic Orchestra instruments seem to be loaded, but don’t play (no white keyboards).
I can reload them, they play, but the player settings are resetted then.
Sorry, not usable!
Pianos/ Gipsy work fine, only SO shows that issue.

EMail this to me and I will get you some help.

Hi all…

Also having problems with the new PLAY…

I have recently upgraded to play 4.2.35… I use Mac (Intel) and have most of the EastWest Instrument products… Too many to mention. I have updated software for everything. OS - 10.10.4, and the new Ilok updates. The installation works. But when I go and open up an instrument, standalone or VST, it gives me this error code. -

Play could not load "2TP Mute Sus
-You do to have a valid installation for “EW Symphonic Orchestra
-Confirm that the product is installed correctly”

It does this with every instrument I have. I’ve tried running invidual installers, uninstalling and then re-installing.

Anyone else had these problems?

You’ll want to ensure you’ve synced your iLok using the following steps, if you’re using any licenses on the iLok:

  • Log into the iLok License Manager
  • Select your iLok from the list on the left hand side of the screen
  • Make sure you have the details of the iLok showing
  • Click the ‘Synchronize’ button