Play All CD-Track Starts

Once this button is selected in the montage and all starts are played WL 10 stays in that playback mode until the application is closed and reopened.

Indeed. Thanks for the report.

Thanks Philippe. On a similar topic in the montage I noticed pressing the space bar once plays, press again it pauses, press once more and it plays from the paused location which seems to be normal. What seems abnormal is when selecting with the mouse pointer playback of a track in the CD window track list playback begins, press space bar and playback stops, press space bar again and playback starts back at the beginning of the track selected by the mouse from the track list.

This is normal behavior. Space bar on the selected track always play the track from the start.

FWIW I actually used this command last night from the CD space pull down and it worked fine (Windows 10)?

EDIT For some reason I experienced the same issue last night and since.