Play an audio part direct from track?

Stupid question sorry: is there a way to play a single audio part (selected/marked) direct from the track/project window? I mean the actual audio file solo, as it sits in track (for example segments of vocals, want to check each line solo without havin to set markers, solo the track etc). Like right-click and “play”?

Use the play tool (speaker icon in the tool menu). :slight_smile:

The default key command is Alt + Space (Option + Space on Mac).
The Play Tool plays back the audio through Cubase’s prelisten bus, ie. different volume, no plugins.

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Hi thanks for quick reply - but I have a “scrub” option there, no play button, that is the issue I think? Cubase 12 Pro.
Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 12.22.12

The icons with the little triangular notches at the bottom have multiple options, click twice to bring up the selection. :slight_smile:

GENIUS ! Thanks

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