Play and Record bug?

Hey there,

I am using the test version of Dorico Pro 3 because I consider to switch from finale.
But one thing is making me crazy. Maybe it’s my own fault but I don’t know how to fix this.
From one minute to another the play and record mode got messed up. When I want to play a selected section with “p” it jumps randomly to some point in the arrangement which is not selected at all. Furthermore when I want to record into a selected bar, it also jumps to another random point in the arrangement?
What did I do wrong? It worked very well before. Did I create some markers, the program is now jumping to? It seems like a massive bug. I would appreciate your help. It’s not possible to work with this program if the problem can’t get fixed.

I’m using Dorico Pro with Mac Mojave.


Welcome to the forum, Cornelius. Have you possibly edited the key commands? Try going to the Key Commands page of Preferences and clicking ‘Reset Key Commands’ to see whether that sets things straight.

thanks for your fast reply.
I edited some key commands, but definitely not any related to markers. But when I switch off “play repetitions” in the play options, it does everything correctly (recording and playing from the correct start). At least I found this suggestion in your great forum and I think it’s a quick solution for the problem, if you don’t need to play repetitions. But enabling this function messes everything up.
I’m just wondering why this problem appeared from one minute to another without changing this function. Maybe a key command I typed in accidentally? Do you have an idea what causes this?


Recording into a project with repeats will produce some interesting results – I’d recommend switching off playback of repeats if you’re going to use live recording.

All right thanks.