play and sustain one beat at a time

I would like to be able to choose one beat of a score, and play and sustain just that beat (so I can isolate and really listen to a complex chord in a large score.)
Is this possible in Dorico? (It is possible in Finale.) (Sorry if I missed this in a video somewhere.)

Along the same lines, it seems impossible to hear whole note chords. A stemmed note plays back the pitches when clicking the stem, but alas, this won’t work with whole notes.

+1 for beat/marker position playback!!

Daniel - do you have a option for this? Thx!

I’m afraid there’s no option for this at present, but we definitely do hope to add “scrub playback” in a future version.

Oh, that’s just wonderful. I used the scrubber all the time in Finale and have been meaning to ask about it here for a some time now (honestly, I’m a bit up the creek without it, but the alternative is going back to Finale shudder). Knowing that it’s on your radar is like an early Christmas present :smiley: