Play as VST in Cubase 7.5 - No Sound

Hey Guys,

I may be making a bone-headed omission here, but when I load the Play engine on a Cubase track and try to play an instrument in Play, I don’t hear anything. I see the meters go up and down within the Play interface when I play notes, so I know that the notes are being picked up. They just aren’t making any sound.

I followed these instructions to include the Play VST within Cubase:

The Play engine works perfectly when it’s run stand alone. It’s just not making any sounds as a VST.

Other details:

  • I’m running Windows 8.1 64-bit, 16 RAM, i7-4790k
  • I’m running Cubase 7.5

I’ll abuse the following picture:

in order to ask you if you have engaged the monitor button when playing.

(I hope the above link is acceptable here. It’s simply the quickest way to show you what button I am speaking of).