Play Audio Range

Is the play range working correctly? I have a time selection, and that appears to be selected in the Range Selection, but I can’t get F6 to play the selection, with an audio file or in a montage (it plays from start of file). And the range appears as None. I’m probably doing something wrong, but it works without modification in WL 8.5.

Wavelab Pro 9.0.20 / Windows 7 32bit
WL9 Play Range.png


I see what you mean. For me, if I have a selection made on the timeline, F6 plays from the start.

FWIW: CMD + F6 will play audio selection as expected.

Somehow there must be a difference between the two and possibly a bug for F6.

Thanks Justin. Ctrl-F6 works for this on Windows. Thanks for suggesting the modifier key. But F6 and the Play Range button in the transport panel don’t work, like (I think) they should.

F6 means “play the active range”. This is not necessarily the time selection. This depends on these settings:


On Mac OS X 10.11.5

I just select with mouse on timeline and with F6
it just play back from where I select, so it works
or I don’t understand !?

regards S-EH

Thanks PG. Sorry, I didn’t think to right-click the transport panel button. But my preferences are shown as all unchecked when I do (see pics), on two different installs, so F6 and the range play button only start from start of file. Seems like “Auto Select Range” should be checked by default, because then it works as I would expect. It’s a small point with an easy fix, but I think I would expect Auto Select (or something) to already be selected, because I can’t even get it back to this empty state after changing it.
Right Click Play Audio Range - Audio File.png
Right Click Play Audio Range - Montage.png

I can’t even get it back to this empty state after changing it.

Using 9.0.20?

Yes 9.0.20. On both the montage and audio file, right clicking the Play Audio Range button initially brought up those totally unselected options (like in the pics). They’re fine now after I selected “Auto Select Range”, but they were initially totally unselected. Using Windows 7.