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Hello i just bought Dorico 4 and i am facing an issue that i cannot find a solution for
i want to work on a player part but i want to hear the whole score will doing this, Dorico is just playing back only that part, how can i make it happen ?
Thank you

Welcome! And no problem, just display the score and it will play the score, if you’re viewing a part in Galley or Print.

If you are viewing the score, just click on one note of a part, not multiple. If multiple notes of a part are selected, Dorico correctly thinks you want to play just that part. This is probably your issue.

Thanks Dan
no actually i am working on a single part and want to hear the hole in write mode,
i play the score and it works but just when i switch to a part the part plays in solo and i cannot hear the rest

Yes I believe that’s how it works. You can do this though, create a second window and show your part in there, but hit play from the score window, and you can see both. Haven’t tried it but should work fine.

yes and it worked, thanks !!! Dan

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The new instrument filter can also help here.

i agree too yes it does thank you