Play between "Loop" markers while skipping over a selected range in Audio Editor

I recently moved from WaveLab 7 to 9.5 and I’m trying to recreate a task I was able to do fairly easy in WaveLab 7.
In WaveLab 7 Audio Editor I would add Loop Start and End Markers and Select a piece of audio inside the Loop Markers.
On the WaveLab 7 Task Bar, the “Loop” icon is selected, “Loop Between Markers” and “Skip Selection” options are selected.
This would allow me to continuously Play the audio within the Loop Markers while skipping over the selected range.

I’m trying to do the same task in WaveLab 9.5 but I guess I must be missing something.
In WaveLab 9.5 Audio Editor I can add Loop Start and End Markers and Select a piece of audio inside the Loop Markers.
On the lower Transport Bar, the “Loop” icon and “Skip Range” options are selected. When I hit Play inside
the Loop Markers, the selected audio is skipped as it should but then it continues to play past the “Loop End” marker
instead of returning to the “Loop Start” marker. I did noticed that WaveLab 9.5 does not have a “Loop Between Markers” option
as in WaveLab 7. There is a “Play Audio Range” -> “Region Between Marker Pairs” selected but that does not have any affect.
It seems I can either Play all audio between Loop Markers OR Play audio while skipping over a selection, but I can’t seem
to do both at the same time. I feel like there must be another option that I haven’t found to make this work.

Attached is a screenshot example.

Indeed, when there is a selection, this has priority over the loop markers. Even is specified otherwise in the menu. This will need a fix.

Ok, good to know I didn’t overlook something.
Would you be able to indicate if this would be a fix eventually applied to 9.5 or would I need to move to the new 10 version?

I don’t think 9.5 will be updated.
And for the fix I mention here, this would be for 10.0.20