Play Bug

Anyone else getting this bug when using PLAY?


  • I load up a cubase project and some of the PLAY midi channels have been mixed up… ie the flute part is now being played by a timp etc… Seems to happen when I start going over the 20th slot in the VST instruments.

    Some projects have over 20 instances of PLAY because I tend to open up each instrument with a different instance of play so I can freeze separately.



I strongly recommend to use Play as multi-timbral, ie use 1 instance for 16 channels. PLAY is not very stable. :-/

Do you use it in 32 or 64-bit Cubase?


I’m using it in 32bit mode. I really don’t have any problems with play other than this issue.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

The other thing is - is it not a good idea to have a few instances open so the processing is spread over the computers cores. Obviously 20 is a bit extreme.

I have 30 PLAY instances in my template doing just fine. This is obviously not normal behaviour and changing your workflow is not gonna solve the problem (you may still experience this either way). I suggest you dig deeper into your setup/installed programs to find out what may be causing this issue.

BTW, the title of your thread is too generic for someone browsing the forums to recognize the problem you’re having as something they might’ve experienced and fixed in the past. Next time, make sure you are more specific about the title and you may get the correct answer quicker. Just a tip :wink:

What about your CPU and ASIO load? Is it OK? How many RAM does the PLAY use? Isn’t it on the limit for 32-bit application?

One instance of PLAY is better, because of smaller CPU load.

Sorry Martin, I disagree as well. My orchestral template has 19 instances of Play and is totally stable.