Play button won't work in two simultaneously loaded files

I switched too fast between two files, both open. Now neither file will play back. I can hear a sound when I play one. Just the play button won’t work. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks

Close them both and re-launch?

Turn on this button, if it’s not already on.

Thanks for your replies. The blue button does come on but the green play button will not turn on. I have worked a way around this problem by creating a brand new file and copying and pasting the old one in, but that is a lot of work. This has happened more than once when I had more than one file open. Next time I think I will just create more flows to rework the material. Thanks again

I’ve found there’s some glitchy behavior around multiple projects being open and the enable button. Not uncommon to see synchronization issues with a common resource (VSTEngine) and separate application instances.

They’ll sort it out eventually time permitting, in the meanwhile I try to work single application, and use my iPad or laptop when I’m doing multiple projects simultaneously.

I set the preference to never enable playback of the second file, if you want multiple files open. Seems more stable than using the option to let it disable/ unload the first and enable the new file.

Just for the teams’s consideration, in this situation I’ ve sometimes had an issue with just one instrument - it might be more prevalent when using certain vst?

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Thank you both. That was very helpful. I see what you mean about setting that option. My piece is all done. I have it safely saved and everything. Thanks