Play By Ear -- Alex "Mapper724" Dickson

Hey Guys and Gals of the Steinberg forums. I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Alex “Mapper724” Dickson. I got into music about a couple years ago and have been hooked ever since. I picked up Cubase 6 about a year ago and have been messing with it from time to time, but now I use it as my primary DAW. LOVE IT! anyway, here’s my first complete track I’ve made with Cubase 6

Hey Alex, welcome first of all. Discovery of creating your own music is a wonderful experience. You should always be proud of writing new music and learning new things with every piece written/produced. You’ll gradually learn stuff as you go along, we all started somewhere after all :slight_smile:

I guess my first advice would be trying to fill in the notes that make up the chords a little better. Some of the chords sound a bit thin and sometimes even kinda wrong for the progression and leading notes from one chord to the next. You can have any chords of course and suggesting this isn’t to confine creativity, just with the type of progression it is you expect the next chords to sound a certain way, and ears sometimes want the expected or unexpected. In this case it’s the expected though. People have different approaches and I don’t know if it will help, but personally no matter what instruments I write for or use I always start the chords with a piano sound so I can hear the notes properly and figure it out.

Enjoying what you’re doing and learning is the main thing, so keep it up and keep writing and trying new things :slight_smile:

Hi Alex and welcome, this is a good forum with friendly and sensible people who always give good advice and jonathan5456 is one of em…I think it’s a good effort but a little repetitive, there is a lot of techno type instrumentals around which makes it hard to stand out from the crowd…good luck and keep on keepin on…Kevin

Thanks Guys!!! I’m truly glad to be here. Thanks for the critiques. :slight_smile: