Play Cubase 4 files in Cubase 6 Elements ?

I got a book on editing midi in Cubase 4 but I own Cubase 6 Elements.

I can load demo songs into CB 6 from the CD which came with the book. But several things don’t work in the song: the project can’t find the VST instruments (because they are Halion One of CB4 and not Halion SE which I believe is in CB 6). Also there are plug ins from CB 4 which are missing when the song project is opened in CB6: “Envelope Shaper” Insert 1, “Monologue” VST, “Stereo Delay” for Insert 1, “Spector”, and “Mystic”.

Any suggestions on the easiest way to fix this so I get the full benefit of the demo songs in CB 6 ?
I can find the equivalent VST instruments in Halion SE of CB6 and load them. But won’t I lose tweaks the author made on the CB4 version of the VST instrument (piano, guitar, etc.).

And do you recognize the plugins like "Mystic, “Spector”, “Monologue”, and “Envelope Shaper”- were they carried over into CB6 like I believe the CB4 instruments were from Halion One to Halion SE ? And don’t they have tweaks and settings that would be lost even if I was able to find them in CB6 ?

Are there any alternatives to get the benefit of this CB4 CD in CB 6 ? One obvious example: maybe I could find an old used copy of CB4 on Ebay, but it would have to be very inexpensive. And also I gather I will need to upgrade my CB6 Elements to the full CB 7 to find those plugins like Mystic, Spector, etc.

Any suggestions ? Maybe it would just be a good learning exercise for this newb to find and setup these instruments and plugins myself, but seems I’d still be missing the learning from seeing the author’s settings for all this stuff.


My suggestion: use Cubase 4, you will get exactly the same instruments, as source.