Play (divisi) chords polyphonic

As is often the case, I would like to write down polyphonic voices as simple chords (with only one stem) in normal and divisi systems, so that they can be played back with separate patches.

Here I am looking in vain for an option to hide one of the two note stems. I’ve tried a lot - without success. Does anyone know more?

If I just note these passages with only one voice, I unfortunately only have half the volume as in the polyphonic passages that are played with separate patches / articulations and I always have to correct them.

Greetings to all.

LVB 8te 02

Hide stems is a property of the note in the Engrave mode properties panel, but I suspect you’d then need to find a way of handling the duplicated articulations and slurs.

I think you’d get correct playback if you use two divisions (actual divisi staves) and then condense them back together.

The Playback is correct - if I use Divisi it’s the same playback. But when condensed it looks the same like now. I think it is a missed feature.

In cubase score editor I can get akkords with only a single stem and playing the notes of the akkord polyphone by giving the voices the right chanel-number for the patch. But in Cubase all the expressions go to to channel one - so it is no choice at all.

You’d need to input a Condensing Change at the start of bar 2 in order to tell Dorico to start a new phrase.

Yes, I have tried this, but Dorico condens always with two stems - or if I make a unisono, its playback only the upper voice. But ok and thank you, I’ll try later again.

Thanks for your help!
I am satisfied with the mix of chords and polyphony (with notation and playback)