Play Engine issues

Hi all,

Lately I’m running into several issues:

a) trying to add an extra instance of VE Pro: VE Pro is not seen by Dorico, already existing ones no problem.
b) changing an instrument in the routing, let’s say from Halion 7 to VE Pro, or Kontakt or no instrument, takes forever to be executed. At first I thought Dorico crashed, but in the end it does succeed, you only have to wait a long time.
c) once succeeded at b ), if you then change another instrument, the one you removed previously is back in the list, so you have to remove it again, so you’re getting into some kind of loop removing instruments that keep getting added.
Removed instruments re-appear when opening the file the next day…

I don’t know what causes this issue, but it takes a lot of time and is really annoying.

I enclosed a diagnostics report so somebody at Steinberg can take a look if there’s something under the hood causing this to happen.
I hope there’s a solution for it!

Windows 11, 64GB RAM, i7-12700k, MSI Motherboard, Dorico latest version

Dorico (1.9 MB)

Sure, I am willing to help here, but could you please also be so kind and be a little more specific, because it is very tedious to go through the logs and find myself where some operation might have been a little slow.
So please, try to reproduce that again, load a project and then add an instrument (which takes long) and onces it is loaded, create a new diagnostics report. By that it is much easier for me to find the spot where I have to look.
Additionally, please download the free utility Process Explorer. While the loading of the new instrument takes place, please right click then in the list of processes the VSTAudioEngine process and choose from the pop-up menu Create > Mini dump. If possible do this even a second time. Then please zip up the mini dumps and also provide me.
Thank you very much

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for your reply.
I did as you asked, so you will find two files created by both software utilities. Important note is that before the first Diagnostics and Process Explorer files were created, I removed two Halion instruments from the Routing list in the Play window. Those instruments were back after being removed yesterday as well, so it’s a strange thing that’s happening in my file.
After creating the first files, I removed another instrument and created new files again.
I hope you find some useable info in the files.

Dorico Diagnostics (2.0 MB)
Dorico Diagnostics (2.0 MB)

Edit: The VST Audioenigine .dmp can’t be uploaded; it’s too large (7.7 MB)

Hi @Menno_Bosgra , then please instead send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. I definitely also need the other dump file. Thanks

Email has been sent, the attachments were pretty large, so that may cause a problem. Did you receive the email?

Yes, thank, no problem.