Play from last cursor position

I seem to remember having this option, but can no longer find it. Has it been removed, or renamed perhaps?


If it always goes back to the project start position maybe you have the “Return to start position” preference activated (located in preferences>transport menu).

For me I usually use the “zero”, “period”, and “return” keys on the keypad to start/stop playing.

One press of the “return” starts the playing at the current cursor position. Pressing the “0” stops the playing. A 2nd press on the “0” returns the cursor to it’s original position. A press of the “.” moves the cursor back to the project start position.

There are other ways/buttons that will do the same. That’s just how I do it. :wink:

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Thanks for your reply, but I’m talking about playing from the previously set play position, rather from the stop position. Sure I can set locators, but it’s an extra step. This feature used to exist, I’m pretty sure.

I can’t remember! But there is the command Return to Start Position. So you could do a macro with that + Transport Start.

That would be return to start position on stop that you can (unsurprisingly) find under Preferences/Transport as Prock already pointed out.

But he’s asking for a command to start playback from the location playback had been started from previously, e.g., when the transport is stopped- no?

Well if the transport is stopped you had to stop it at which point the cursor had returned to last start point and so will play from there as required.

If already playing then you just hit space bar twice to stop and return and then play.

But as you say the one click option is to combine return to start and play under a macro with kc.

Yes, but only if the Return to Start Position pref is set, which I figure Steve has not activated… :slight_smile:

For sure…I just assumed it was this preference Steve was remembering as I don’t recall an option to actually play from start position in any Cubase version…only Wavelab.

Yeah, me neither (recall a command). Golly, it seems we have talked about this a few times over the years! :laughing: :confused:

I’m developing the memory of a goldfish as I get older, so usually by the time any topic comes around again I’ve forgotten any previous discussion. :confused:

I’m sorry, what discussion are you referring to? :neutral_face:

– Señor Moment.

Maybe I am misunderstanding…

For me I would do this using the keypad (just my preference) …

Cursor is moved to bar 9. I start playing at this position by pressing the “return” key. I stop it by pressing the “0” key. If I want to start it from that stopped position I would press the “return” key but if I want to return the cursor back to bar 9 I press the “0” key again. Basically pressing the “0” key twice, once to stop it and another to return the cursor to it’s previously set play position. To start again from bar 9 I just press the “return” key.

If I wanted to move the cursor all the way back to the project start position I would have pressed the “.” key after pressing the “0” key. If you just press the “.” key while playing it goes back to the project start position and continues to play.

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Steve, I don’t understand. You can have the function you want- whether it’s built in or not, with a macro. (now that I’ve thought about it- I think it never existed as a command on its own.)

That’s something that has escaped me all these years. Facepalm. OK, I now have a macro set to do this with a single key. Thanks for taking the time to explain a second time. Must be getting old! :blush:

“Old” is my middle name. :wink:

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