Play from last start position

I think this is one of the things I want the most in Cubase, but it might already be there?
Let’s say you start from bar 3 and listen to the track, you are maybe in the Midi edit, you stop the transport and make some edits and then you have to “rewind” to bar 3 to hear the edits. Is there a key that brings you back to bar 3 automatically?
I know you can do it by changing the Return To Start Position On Stop in Transport section, but of course I don’t want it all the time!

If you place a locator at bar 3, then you just recall that locator. Another way:

Select the midi part that you are editing in the project window. By default, pressing the P-key is a shortcut to put the Left and Right Locators at the start and end of the part. The 1 key on the numeric keypad will take you to the left locator [the 2 key takes you to the right locator]
So, if your midi part starting at bar 3 is selected, then place the locators at either end, the Num1 key will always take you back to bar 3.

I know all the tricks you list here, but now I also found a key-command: Return To Start Position that can be used both when the transport is on play and on stop.

All of the locators will also work in play and stop mode

If you want a keycommand to take you to the left locator and then play, you can

1 Write a two-command macro, like:
To Left Locator
Transport - Start

Then assign a key command to this macro, and you can achieve the action with one keyclick

Yes I know about the locators, but let’s say I have a part of 16 bars and I go through the part to correct some CC’s. Then it would be counterproductive to return to the first bar in the part all the time I have to chek if it’s okay, if I work on the last 3 bars of the part. You see?

Ok, I think I have you now! So you dont want to go back to a specific bar, you want to rewind - let’s say 3 bars - from your current position, yes?

New Macro - call it [e.g.] Back Three bars and play
Step Back Bar [will take you to the current bar downbeat]
Step Back Bar
Step Back Bar
Step BAck Bar
Transport - Start

Create that macro and give it a keycommand, you should be good!

When you play hit keypad 0 to stop and hit it again to return to the last start position. You can use keypad enter to start play again, that way you don’t need to move your hand.

There is a Preference that toggles on/off Return To Start when you stop playback. Not at my DAW to check but I’m pretty sure it’s in the Transport section. I assigned it to a Key Command to easily switch between the two behaviors.