Play from Locator?

Im trying to find the key command to ‘Play from (left) Locator’.


If there isn’t one, which I don’t think there is after looking (I could be wrong), why would there be one for “Play selection” and not the selection between the locators?

A macro can be made, if you think about it. :wink:

There is ‘Record from Left Locator’, but not Play.

You need to make a macro:

Transport - To Left Locator
Transport - Start


Seems to be an echo in here. :yfc:

Seems to be an echo in here. :yfc:

Gonna make someone a good mommie someday with that spoon-feeding technique. :yfc:

Ahhh yes. thank you.

I need to be fed by a spoon thanks.

Nah, its not pre-made in C7, but no biggie setting that up. :slight_smile: