'Play from mouse position' shortcut

I often use Keyboard Maestro (on Mac) to create shortcuts or macros to extend functionality in apps. One I use all the time in Wavelab is ‘play from mouse position’. Essentially its a macro which:

‘Left clicks at current mouse location’
‘Hit Enter key’

Pretty simple but means I can navigate to anywhere within the audio file or montage really quickly. I stole it from Studio One and Reaper who have it built in. I’ve assigned it to ALT + Spacebar as an alternative play button. It might be a good feature to bring into a future version of Wavelab. I know I would certainly use it all day long.


Agreed, good suggestion.

+1 This would be a great workflow boost…

(and please pass on any solution to your Cubendo colleagues to examine :slight_smile:).

Thank you.

What a nice idea. Thank you.

awesome idea! any saved mouseclick is gold :slight_smile:

Could you explain how to make it with keyboard maestro?? :smiley:

Here’s a link to the macro. Download then double click on it to load up in Keyboard Maestro.



Do you have any more ready great Macros for Wavelab? Do you know where can I find some?


This feature is already available in WaveLab for several years:
“Alt + Space” bar starts WaveLab at the mouse position.


Thanks for telling me.
I guess I’m too newbie.

I’m pretty sure some long time WaveLab users don’t know this shortcut either :wink: