Play from previous position

Hey there, future request which would save loads of time for all of us.

Key command for “play from previous position”!

Coming from Logic I do really miss this when composing and gotta get back to the last point.

Thank you

Check out using the “0”, “.”, and “enter” keys on the number pad.

  • Pressing the enter key starts playing.
  • Pressing the “0” key once stops the playing and the cursor stays at that position. Press it again and the cursor will move back to it’s starting position.
  • Pressing the “.” key (in play or stop mode) moves the cursor back to the beginning of the project.

Regards :sunglasses:

Also there is a Preference you can set that determines if the playback cursor returns to its start position or not.

There is a Key Command which allows you to toggle this Preference setting.