play from score for one flow?


I have a 3-movement piece for five instruments, and I’d like all of the parts to have the full score for the first movement only. I’m not sure what the best way is to achieve this - feel like I saw it in a Dorico vid, but cannot find right now. Thanks!

Unfortunately this is a bit tricky to achieve, because in a given layout, if you have a player assigned, and a flow assigned, all flows in which that player appears will then appear in the layout.

So probably the best way to handle this is to have two player groups in Setup mode, both duplicating the five instruments, and have one player group play the movement for which you want all of the music to appear in each part. Then have the other set of players play the other two movements. Then in each part layout you can assign the duplicate group of players, which will cause all of them to appear for that movement, and then just the single instrument you want for the other two movements.

That should do it!

I haven’t tried but I think another way of doing it would be to assign to the parts all instruments and use two different master chain frames, one including all the instruments and just the first flow, and another one (in another master page, with the master page change) filtering out all the instruments but the one in the part, and filtering out the first flow.