Play from selection annoying behaviour


I am using option-space to play from selection. However, when I press space bar to stop playing and then space bar to start playing again, it plays from the cursor position before I played from selection.

Is there a way to play from selection and also make that the new cursor position?

Thanks all!

if I understand you correctly you should turn off the option in preferences called “return to start on stop” (transport section) and the cursor while play from where you did stop

In general use, I like “return to start on stop”. I just basically want that same behaviour when I play from selection. In logic I press shift-space and it plays from selection, then I can press space bar to stop playing and then space again and it will now play again from that section. In Cubase annoyingly it reverts back to the previous cursor start position.


Why not to use the Plays from selection again, please?

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Muscle memory of hitting space bar. Much more cumbersome to hit 2 keys rather than one when I want to keep playing back something.

I actually want to move the cursor to that position. Much easier to select a region and hit a key command to move the cursor to that spot, making that the new home position, rather than clicking on the timeline.

Is this not possible?

So why do you not do that?

Because it doesn’t work. Hence why I am asking if it is possible. The only key command I can find is to play from selection. But it only plays through that region once and then the cursor reverts back.

See my description of the behaviour from logic. It works exactly as I desire and is a really convenient way to navigate the project.

Check out Transport:> Locate Selection Start


That’s exactly the functionality I was looking for. Thanks Steve.